Fallen Falcons
By Robin Leong and Rodney Shinkawa


Milton Chun
Unknown Date



Norman N. Kamihara
Unknown Date 

James Nakata
Unknown Date


Paul Onaga
Unknown Date
Melvin T. Kaya
Unknown Date 
Roy Ige
 Roy Ige 1960 Class Annual
Patricia F. Ching
Walton W. Lum-King

Walton W. Lum-King died of Pancreatic Cancer, according to Mom, on June 28, 1981.

Roderick Kato

Kato, Roderick Kenichi, b. 08/03/1943, d. 11/05/1982, SGT US AIR FORCE RET A1C US AIR FORCE.

Carol Y. Hashimoto Krueger
Carol Y. Hashimoto Krueger allergy attack resulted in a coma that lasted over three years.
John Morolt
Robert T. Morita
Robert T. Morita wife's name Elizabeth and he had two sons.
Clayton J.S. Chong
Clayton J.S. Chong drowned off Half Moon Bay CA. when fishing boat capsized.

Galen M. Tateishi

Galen Tateishi of Honolulu, a TIG Insurance Co. executive, died May 16,1996 at home. Tateishi, 52, was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Sylvia H.; son Dean; daughter Cindy; mother Kirie; brother Chris; and sister Kay Luna.
  Lorrin H. Faria


Lorrin H. Faria, 53, of Honolulu, a Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Shop 38, marine machinery mechanic, died Wednesday in St. Francis Hospice. He is survived by companion Rose Campana; mother Doris G. Lee; brothers Owen E., Van A. and Noel C.; and sisters Janice Silva, Karen and Mavis Faria, and Rene'e Choo. Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery.

Marmion G.K. Gumpfer
Marmion G.K. Gumpfer, 54, of Kailua, a retired city bus driver with TheBus, died Friday in Kaiser Moanalua Malama Ohana. Born in Honolulu, he is survived by wife Ione L.; sons Dereck K. “Duke” and Eric E.K.; brother Cornelius A.; and sister Cynthia L. Heiser. Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery.
Rachel S. Takeuchi Cho
Rachel S. Cho, 53, of Honolulu died April 29 in St. Francis Hospital. Born in Honolulu, she is survived by mother Hattie M. Takeuchi; sons Terry Takeuchi and Michael S.K. Cho; brothers Conrad and Aaron Takeuchi; sisters Cynthia Takeuchi and Noreen Oshima; and four grandchildren.
Steven R. McClusky
Steven R. McCluskey, 56, of Haleiwa, owner of SIR Hawaii Inc. and the Desk Co., died on Sunday May 18, 1997. Born in Puunene, Maui, he is survived by wife Lynn; daughters Maile Burley and Georgeanne Casugay; and sister Molly Shearer. At canoe site, Kahuku side of Rainbow Bridge, Haleiwa. Scattering of ashes.
Robert Y. Fujinaka
Robert Y. Fujinaka, 54, of Kaneohe, a senior technician representative with Xerox Hawaii, died May 22 in Queen’s Hospital. Born in Honolulu, he is survived by wife Janice I.; sons Gregory N. and Brent Y.; parents Max G. and Mitsuyo; brother Glenn; and grandmother Violet.
Thomas N. Yamabe
Thomas N. Yamabe, 53, of Honolulu will be remembered in services Saturday. He was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car at Kapahulu Avenue and Ala Wai Boulevard Saturday. He was a self-employed businessman. Born in Honolulu, he is survived by son Darren M.; daughter Deidre S.; mother Lillian C.; brother Baron G.; and sister Gloria J.
Roger D. Kam

Roger D. Kam, 54, of Pearl City, a letter carrier for U.S. Postal Service, died Sunday in Honolulu. Born in Waimea, Kauai, he is survived by wife Amy; daughter Cheryl; son Galen; and brothers Richard and Larry. Hawaiian Memorial Park.

Ronald K. Watase
Ronald K. Watase, 54, of Waipahu, a vice president and treasurer for the Horita Group Inc., died Monday in Straub Hospital. Born in Honolulu, he is survived by wife Gina S.Y., son Brian K., daughter Joanne N., and parents Richard K. and Dorothy T.
Richard I. Moore
Richard I. Moore, 54, of Aiea, a mechanical engineer, died Friday in Kapiolani Hospital at Pali Momi. Born in Minnesota, he is survived by parents Francis and Dorothy; and sisters Beverly Stewart-Moore, Linda Ann Comstock and Maureen Friedlander-Moore.
Daniel Suan
Daniel L. Suan, 56, of Honolulu, a Royal Hawaiian Distributors sales representative, died last Tuesday Mar 23, 1999. Born in Honolulu, he is survived by daughters Rosalie Lopez and Sonya and Jessica Suan; son Daniel Jr.; mother Annie; father Emiliano; brothers Calvin, Michael and Gary; and sister Marie Cullen. Oahu Cemetery Coliseum. Inurnment .
Beatrice K. Rees Likua
Beatrice K. (Rees) Likua, 57, of Waianae, who retired from Foodland and Sack & Save in Salt Lake, died Dec. 29 at home. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Melvin; sons Edward, Robert, Gregory and Sean; father Arthur Rees Jr.; mother Hilda Mahi; brothers Nils and Richard Rees; sisters April and Hildred, and eight grandchildren.
Kenneth Choy
Kenneth Choy employed at Longs Drugs. Survived by wife, Mae; daughters, Kymber-Lee Char and Kara-Lee Choy; mother, Pauline Choy; brother, Edmond.
George P. Newman
George P. Newman Celebrating our 20th reunion anniversary, he collapsed, apparently with a massive heart attack per wife, Janis Newman.
Paul J. Alvarico
Paul J. Alvarico Pancreatic cancer Paul J. Alvarico, 58, of Mililani died Jan. 15, 2001 in Wahiawa General Hospital. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Mary A.; son Michael K.; daughter Paulamarie; brothers Silvestre Sarsona and Honorato, Robert and Debe Alvarico, and sisters Laurencia Galopa, Erenia Quijano, Rosario Siangco and Rosita Paraz. .Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery.
Stanley Kinoshita


Stanley T. Kinoshita, 57, of Kaneohe, an iron worker, died Feb. 2 at home. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by son Reynold T.; mother Masako; brothers Raymond Y. and Michael M.; sisters Joan K. Inoue, Pearl T. Ajimine and Susan S. Arakaki; and a grandson.

Reba Kim Burroughs
Reba K. Burroughs, 57, of Pearl City, a claims service representative at the Hawaii Medical Service Association, died Tuesday. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Everette; sister Joann Balson, and guardian Norman Kim.
Theona T. Wong
Theona Tani Wong, 58, of Honolulu, a former Dole Cannery employee, died July 7. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by mother Florence; sister Karen Tsubata; and brothers Robert and Timothy. Hawaiian Memorial Park Cemetery.
Patricia Fukushima Kimbrough

PATRICIA MIKIKO KIMBROUGH, 58, of Kihe'i, Maui, died Oct. 24, 2001. A self-employed crafter who sold jade and Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, and formerly sold Princess House Crystal and Jewels by Park Lane. Survived by husband, Christopher; sons, Lance Takamori and Lyle Matsuoka; daughter, Deane Takamori; mother, Leatrice Fukushima; brother, Lloyd Fukushima; sisters, Judith Fukushima and Joy Ledbetter; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren.
Harvey H. W. Chun
Harvey H.W. Chun, 59, of Honolulu, a computer programmer, died Sept. 5 in St. Francis Hospice. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Shirley H., mother Clara Y.N. and Winona "Winnie" Tanaka.
Richard Mizuta
RICHARD "DYNAMITE" MILIKAA MIZUTA, 59, of Honolulu, died March 6, 2003. Born in Honolulu. Master carpenter in California; and beach boy canoe paddler in Waikiki. Survived by daughter, Lahilahi Mizuta-Fox; sons, Eli and Lakeinui; eight grandchildren; mother, Abbie Waggoner; sisters, Abbie Pedro, Lovey Offerle, Rosella and Valerie Waggoner. scattering of ashes at Waikiki Beach fronting the Aloha Beach Stand near Sheraton Moana Hotel.
Arlene A. Wauke
Arlene Aiko Wauke, 59, of Honolulu, died April 19, 2003. Born in Honolulu. Retired social worker for Department of Social Services. Survived by mother, Haruko; brother, Warren.
Douglas Pedro
Douglas Milton Pedro Oct. 30, 2003 Douglas Milton Pedro, 60, of Wahiawa, died in St. Francis-West Hospice. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Abbie K., son Douglas M., daughter Thyraann K. Carreon and three grandchildren.
Gail Y. T. Ching Chun
Gail Ching Chun, 60, of Honolulu, Pancreatic Cancer died Jan. 15, 2004. Born in Honolulu. Retired teacher at Kaiser High School. Survived by son, Matthew; daughter, Janelle; mother, Alice Ching; brother, Wesley Ching; sister, Jocelyn Choy.
Edward C. Kitkouski
Edward Caesar Kitkouski, 60, of Honolulu, died Jan. 26, 2004. Born in Honolulu. A sales engineer at Simplex. Survived by son, Brandon; daughter, Kaila Kitkouski-Ledward; two grandchildren; sister, Leonore "Faye" Kitkouski-Moniz. buried at Hawaiian Memorial Park.
Philip F. C. Liu
Philip Fah Chong Liu Jan. 13, 2005 Philip Fah Chong Liu, also known as "Buddy" and "Bozo," 62, of Honolulu, a former Grayline Bus Co. bus driver, died in St. Francis Hospice. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by mother Annie and sister Gail "Jackie" Victoriano. buried at Nuuanu Memorial Park.
Gene Takaesu
Gene Masanori Takaesu Jan. 16, 2005 Gene Masanori Takaesu, 61, of Honolulu, a retired G.T. Services owner, died at home. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Naomi, sons Dean and Gavin, sister Karen Takeshita, and a grandchild.
Hajime Harauchi
Hajime "Jimmy" Harauchi, 61, of Honolulu, a general contractor, died at home. He was born in Little Rock, Ark. He is survived by wife Lily; sons Derrick, David, Brian and Stuart; stepdaughter Alicia Barksdale; and a grandchild.
Ivan L. Kam
IVAN LOY KAM, 62, of Honolulu, died Dec. 10, 2005. Born in Honolulu. A former vice president and systems analyst for Crocker Bank in San Francisco. Survived by mother, Oi Kam Ching; brother, Andrew; sister, Wendy Redman. Hawaiian Memorial Park.
Linda S. Asato Kaichi

LINDA SHIGEKO ASATO-KAICHI, 63 Pancreatic cancer, of Honolulu, died June 27, 2006. Born in Honolulu. Office manager for the state House of Representatives. Survived by daughter, Jelyn Kaichi; mother, Jane Asato; brother, Dickie Asato; sisters, Joyce Endo, Gloria Asato and Valarie Murakami.

Winona Puanani Chang Miller

Winona Puanani Chang Miller Born in Hawai'i. A homemaker. Survived by father, Samuel Chang; sons, Max, Sean, Walter, David and James; daughter, Raquel Chang; sisters, Wanda Spytko, Norma Nawahine, Sharon Rickard and Gaylene Lolofie; brother, Kenneth Chang; 22 grandchildren. La'ie Cemetery.
No Photo Calvin Tetsuo Shimamoto
Calvin Tetsuo Shimamoto born in Kapa'a, Kaua'i. Survived by wife, Annette; daughters, Julie Hiromoto and Jan Arthur; one granddaughter.
Mae Katheen Yamasaki

Mae Katheen Yamasaki born in Honolulu. Former principal of Konawaena High School; retired state Department of Education personnel specialist. Survived by brothers, Michael and Richard; sister, Lillian Muramatsu; nieces; nephews.  
Teddy Keisel
Teddy Keisel age 65, of Honolulu, died March 27, 2008. Born February 10, 1943 in Honolulu. Retired firefighter. Survived by wife, Carol; son, Atae; daughter, Kahiwa; sisters, Victoria Niihau and Maggie Soares; brothers, Charles Jr., Henrick and Edward; grandsons, Atae "AJ" and Aleki.
Ethel Estavillo Davenport
05/xx/ 2008
Patrick. Lederer JR 06/11/2008 Patrick. Lederer JR age 64, of Honolulu, died June 11, 2008. Born in Honolulu. Retired Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Shop 38, machinist. Survived by sons, Patrick III and Leighton; daughter, Shonna Eury; eight grandchildren; former spouse, Annette; mother, Beatrice; brother, Peter; sisters, Sandra Amorine, Patricia Ichimura and Stacy Yost.
Arleen De Silva
Arleen De Silva Update in progress

Shirly Mun Lynn

Shirley Mun Lynn, 66, of Honolulu, a Chaminade University accounting manager, died in Honolulu. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by brother Douglas Mun and sister Constance Rees.

Howard Oshiro
Howard Masaji Oshiro, 66, of Honolulu, died at home. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Karen L., daughters Janice Kam and Coreen Herzog, mother Helen Mori, brother Ronald, sister Helen Kellogg and three grandchildren.

Ronald Stanley Yonamine

Ronald Stanley Yonamine 66, of Honolulu, died Jan. 24, 2010. Born in Honolulu. Survived by wife, Brenda; son, Terry; daughters, Janice Yonamine-Matsumoto and Laura Kanemoto; father, Stanley; brother, Dean.

John A.P. Kema Jr.

John A.P. Kema Jr., 67, of Kaneohe, a retired Hawaiian Electric and Kahe Power Plant foreman and Army veteran, died in Honolulu. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Lei Kema, son John III, daughters Lesa Padua and Cindy Tauai, brothers Kalei and Paul, sister Diane Welhaven, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Dennis "Duffy" Lorey

Duffy Lorey, 67, passed away June 5th after a short battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed by his wife Jody, sons Dan and Jeff, daughter Brandy, four grandsons, sister Sharon and brother-in-law Bruno Bianco, two nephews and one niece. Always great fun to be with, Duffy was truly one of a kind and a gift to all who knew him.
Dennis Mishina
Dennis is survived by his wife, Gayle, of Anchorage; son, Ryan, of Boston, Mass.; brother, Roger Mishina; sister and brother-in-law, Cynthia and Mark Wiese; brother-in-law, Michael Isaacs, all of Hawaii; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and nieces.
Victor Takeo Fujiwara
Victor Takeo Fujiwara, 67, of Honolulu, a community planning and engineering employee, died in St. Francis Hospice-West. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by daughter Heather Tanaka, mother Takeyo “Irene,” brother Clifford, sisters Helen Nishida and Janet Fujikawa, and two grandchildren.

Harold K. Brown Jr

Harold K. Brown Jr., 68, of Kailua, a salesman, died in Kailua. He was born in Hawaii. He is survived by brothers Clement Rickard and Clarence Brown, and sisters Gail Kalama, Doris Kim, Cathy Abulon and Kamaile Brown. Scattering of ashes held in California.
Susan H. Uehara Lum

Thomas Ichiro Tashima

Thomas Ichiro Tashima, also known as “Toshi” and “Tommy,” 68, of Pearl City, a retired master plumber and general contractor, died in Hawaii Medical Center West. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by sons Lance and Eric, brother Dennis and sister Jean Shiraishi.
Patricia A. Crow “Patty” Saizon
Patricia A. “Patty” Saizon, 68, of Kaneohe, a homemaker, died in Castle Medical Center. She was born in Hilo. She is survived by husband Theodore “Ted”; son Wesley; brothers Roger Chow and George Newalu; sisters Joyce Yen, Rossann DeCosta and Charlotte Rawlins; and 10 grandchildren.
Jean Kimiko "Asato" Kawakami.
Jean Kimiko Asato Kawakami., 68, of Mililani, former owner of New Saimin House, died in Straub Clinic & Hospital. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by husband Robert J.; daughters Kathleen K. Oshiro, Aileen R. Matsunaga and Kristy M. Kawakami; mother Fumie Asato; brother Charles T. Asato; sisters Elsie T. Otani, Ethel T. Sadamitsu, Susan T. Higashide and Judy O. Nakano; and five grandchildren.
Gary Yamada
Gary Yamada was born on June 26, 1943 and passed away on December 28, 2012.
He is survived by wife Sandie Kaneshiro and children Suzette Fernandez and Paulette Tamashiro along with two grand children. Burial was at Diamond Head Memorial Park.

Steven Y. Kimura


Steven Y. Kimura, 69, of Honolulu, a Black Hawk Ventures project administrator, former Lyz Inc. employee and an Army veteran, died in St. Francis Hospice. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by sisters Dale Nakamatsu and Marcia Heller.

Benjamin "Sonny" Kauluwehi Pelekai Jr.
09/23/ 2013

Sonny Kauluwehi Pelekai Jr., 70, of Waianae, a civil service retiree for the environmental department at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, died in Ewa Beach. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Doreen Dung-Pelekai; sons Owen K., Kainoa and Shannon K.; daughters Kaai C.
Panui and Viola K. Pegge; brothers Louie Sr., Henry Sr. and Derrick Sr.; sisters Florence Yelinek and Carol Pelekai; and 15 grandchildren.

Kentworth Kealaolu Keli‘iho‘omalu

Kentworth Kealaolu Keli‘iho‘omalu, 69, of Anahola, Kauai, a Honolulu Fire Department retiree and a Navy veteran, died at home. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by son Po‘okapu, daughters Nicole Dudley and
Amber Milsap, sisters Karla Akiona and Velma Choy, and seven grandchildren.

Kirk Shigeru Morisato

Kirk Shigeru Morisato 70 of Honolulu, a retired Moore Business Forms salesman, died in Leahi Hospital. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by son Chad and two grandchildren. Private services.
Douglas Kam McKeague
05/07/2014 appox. date of Dougie's passings
Got word from Carol Dye Valant that Douglas Kam McKeague passed away.
Don't have an obituary. He had a massive
heart stroke in 2007. May he rest in peace.

Beatrice Iha

Beatrice Kimie Shimabukuro, 70, of Honolulu died in Honolulu. She was
born in Honolulu. She is survived by son Guy; daughters Gay Shimabukuro
and Lori Hadlock; brothers Richard, Raymond and Kenneth Iha; sister
Tamayo Kaneshiro

Alfred Choy
09/ 14/ 2014.

Alfred Choy, he passed away at home. He had a liver transplant and lived at least 10 extra years.
Carol Ann Kouchi

Carol Ann Kiyomi Perreida, 71, of Honolulu, Hawaii, passed away on
December 5, 2014. She was an Administrative Assistant. She is survived
by her husband, Wilfred Perreida; daughters, Sharla Perreida and Kristin
Ogata; sister, Gail Ogawa.
Owen Okumura
01/13/ 2015
Owen Okumura, 71, of Honolulu, a Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard electrical engineer, died inHonolulu. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Marion and sister Gail O. Glenn.

Joy Lancaster Sanderson


Joy Lancaster Sanderson.
April 20th, 2015. from congestive heart failure and long-term effects of Lupus and it's treatment

Lucille Tollefsen


Lucille Nona Abreu 71, of Mililani died at home. She was born in Hawaii. She is survived by husband Frank Jr.; daughters Lori-Ann Fournier, Darcie Patlidzanov and Jennifer Abreu-Hart; parents Edward Tollefsen and Mary Kim; brothers Edward Jr. and Thomas Tollefsen; and
seven grandchildren

Wanda Andrews Aina's

Wanda Andrews Aina's
passed on 8/30/15. There is no obituary. She will be buried in the military part of Hawaii Memorial Park. I .

William Bodine 11/02/2015

William Douglas “Dukie” Bodine, 71, of Honolulu, a Navy retiree, died in Tripler Army Medical Center. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Susan, sons Willie and Charles, daughters Lehualani Alo and Miriam Fujioka, brother Allen, sister Kehaulani Betterton, 10 grandchildren. and a great-grandchild.
Rachel H. Yamada 11/02/2015
Rachel H.Yamada Minakami, 71, of Kaneohe, a retired Ahuimanu Elementary School teacher, died in Honolulu. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by sons Steven R. and Mark K., brothers Michael and Glenn Yamada, and sister Janet M. Yamada.
Yates Higashihara 04/23/2016 Yates Kazuo Higashihara, 72, of Honolulu died in Honolulu. He was born in Honolulu. He is survived by wife Junet O., daughters Kerri C.H. Aotaki and Cher N.H. Takemoto, brother Rudy and three grandchildren.
Nela Castro 07/14/2016

Nela Castro Afaga Lombardi, 72, of Kailua died in Kailua. She was born in Honolulu. She is survived by daughters Deanna Afaga and Sheri Turner; brothers Kenneth, Phillip and Melvin Castro; and two grandchildren.

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